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“Appreciate where you are in your journey, even if it’s not where you want to be. Every season serves its purpose”

We hope everyone is staying cool as we shift through these hot summer days. Here are some awesome Alumni updates to keep you in the loop with CJL!


Donald and Joshua completed their CJL service year in 2020 and both received full-time opportunities to work at their placement site: The AMAAD (Arming Minorities Against Addiction Disease) Institute.


We caught up with both of them to hear about their journeys post CJL and all of the incredible work they are doing to support the community.


Health Educator/Outreach specialist

Donald knew that he wanted to work in a space where he could continue to support black and brown communities. He now engages with youth from the ages 18-29 in HIV testing, leadership building and health & wellness intakes. He enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people and hear about their life experiences. Donald hopes to continue to provide people with the upmost care and respect - that no mater what walk of life they take, they will have support and resources to help them better in life.


Outreach Specialist/HIV Care Coordinator

Joshua is at the forefront of change among marginalized communities in South LA. He was given the opportunity to support with the launch of The ROAR Project, which is designed to mentor and destigmatize mental health for individuals ages 18-24 who are system involved, experiencing homelessness or housing instability. Joshua hopes to obtain his Masters degree in counseling so that one day he can start his own top leading private practice that influences the masses through inspiration, motivation, and testimonials.

In June, Alumni members were invited to join the 2021 cohort in their virtual training on “Mindfully Exploring Substance Use”. The Youth Peer Mentoring Program connected with our members on how to understand the way the brain functions when using substances, the science behind addiction and how to support others or yourself during this process.

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2020 California State University, Fresno Graduate

Bachelors in Sociology


Lucy was a 2020 participant of the CJL AmeriCorps Program. She began her CJL journey with Project Rebound at Fresno State as her placement site.

"Throughout her service year Lucy remained committed to both CJL and her education in the face of numerous obstacles. Not everyone would have stuck with it, and this degree is a testament to that dedication. I know Lucy will use her education and CJL experience to do incredible things in the future" ~Mel Flangan 


“Being a first-generation college student, it was important for me to get my bachelor's degree so that future generations and my family can see that anything is possible” ~Lucy B


The Homecoming Project wins the 2021 Ivory Prize 

Presented by Ivory Innovations, this national award recognizes the most ambitious, feasible, and scalable solutions to housing affordability. Impact Justice - The Homecoming Project took home the top prize in the Public Policy and Regulatory Reform category. Click the button on the right to check out the video!


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